Anticipating the holidays


From Sarah Aguirre, your Guide to Housekeeping

There are only ten  weeks until Christmas…Did I scare you? Are you envisioning running around like a chicken with your head cut off for 10 weeks trying to get everything in order for a peaceful holiday season?


Sarah has laid out a 10 week plan will prevent that. Let’s do a little bit each week so that everything will run more smoothly. I’ll bet we have more fun and end up with more enjoyment of the entire season. 

I love her suggestion to begin a Holiday notebook.  You can begin collecting (and experimenting) with recipes, clipping magazine photos of decorating ideas and developing a budget.  I was always a sucker for clipping photos of ideas I’d like to try.  But they are usually used for bookmarks, or wind up being sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.

Here’s your assignment for week 1 which begins today.

10 Week Plan: Week 1, Planning and Clutter

 pumpkins-1108-de-56055935 Week one is all about planning, list making, and getting rid of clutter. It might seem like this is an easy week, but laying the groundwork of planning is vital to making this holiday season one of the best we’ve ever had.

Working room-by-room, clear your side tables of all detritus i.e. emory boards, nail polish etc.Work with one item at a time determining its proper place in your newly organized life. Don’t forget to go through closets, cabinets, and storage spaces. Uncluttering rooms like the kitchen and bathroom may be very easy to do, while rooms with storage bins and closets may take a lot more time.

Work on one room at a time to provide yourself with an easy stopping point for interruptions. When you come to a stopping point, be sure to throw out the trash immediately. If you allow yourself to contemplate the decisions you’ve made too much, your brain can trick you into rescuing the clutter.

Things To Remember
    *Items are not equivalent to memories of the person who gave them to you. Pruning items with an emotional attachment can be very difficult. Consider carefully if you need the item to have the memory or emotionally attachment. If you’re not sure, consider storing items on a trial basis, or giving them to another family member for safekeeping. Think about taking photos of the item that will store more readily, but give you tangible proof of the memory. If you really feel the need to keep items of this nature, don’t fight it. Instead try to incorporate these memories into decorative displays or organized storage.
    *Get rid of old clothing even if it is the size you used to be and hope to return to. It’s tempting to keep them for when you reach your goal. Think about instead rewarding yourself with a new wardrobe when you get to the new you.
    .*Keeping things just because you might need them someday may seem like a good reason for clogging your closets. Remind yourself that what you really need is space and organization.

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  1. I love Sarah’s suggestions! Seems like I’m constantly trying to clean out the clutter. Maybe this will inspire me to stop acquiring more stuff!!

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