Antidote for a bad day

coffee Yesterday was one of those days your mother warned you about.

From the moment I got up and spilled my coffee all over my day planner, I knew things would only continue downhill.

They did. In a big way.  First, we had a major problem with the Garden Expo program that could have been disastrous.  Next, I went for an oil change

and the guy at Lube Express told me I needed new everything – points, plugs, filters etc.

“But,” I whined, “I had all that done last month at the Toyota place to the tune of more than $800!”  What sup here?  And who pulled a fast one on me?

While I was mulling it over, I learned that a tenant I’d just evicted had left town leaving me with all his stuff to deal with which means I’ll lose several month’s rent.  In tears, I called Braddock on his cell to share my bad news, and probably ruin his day as well.

“Take a deep breath, Mom.” Then he broke out in laughter.  “You gotta see this,” he said (he was driving along Highway 82).  “There’s a guy standing in the middle of the road, flagging down motorists wearing little more than a pair of panties on his head!”

Suddenly, my frustration turned to hysteria and I began laughing uncontrollably.  My little tragedies evaporated into the wind as I envisioned a guy wearing panties on his head  during the noon rush hour.

I immediately calmed down and headed over to Highway 82. On the way, I chanced to pick up an interview on Martha Stewart radio with a woman – Cindy Morrison – who recovered from a very bad week.  She lost her job as a TV anchorwoman; her house was stuck by lightening; and she was diagnosed with cancer – all in one week.

She recovered, reinvented her life, and wrote a national best seller called “Girlfriends 2.0.”   It’s about how our friends and family can help us navigate the dangerous waters of life and we do the same for them.

I would be in the emergency room of the OCH recovering from a stroke at this moment, but for the Cindy Morrisons of life, and men who wear panties on their heads, just when I’m about to go over the edge.

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