Are these the Golden Years?

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Bill Poe at left with with his brother Glen – both are my kissing cousins._______________________

My friend and “sort of”’ cousin, Bill Poe, wrote these words to me today.  I  think he looks like he’s about 14 instead of 74.

Just Wondering


When does the “Golden Age” begin? And how will we know when we’re there? There must be signs.

Or, it could be something fabricated by some geriatrics group, nursing homes, the AARP, ….or the funeral home industry thinking of impending gold? Or it may just be a figment…or filament?

I hope it doesn’t begin when your university, the greatest in your state, beats it’s lesser arch rival 2 years in a row in football and expects to make it 3, and beats them 4 of 5 games in baseball and the list goes on in basketball, tennis, etc. That MAY be when it starts.

But that would be bad, because for some, their golden age just may pass them by, especially in Mississippi.

Maybe I should google ‘golden age’ and find out, but Snopes would probably rip the theories apart.  I think Jack Snopes is an idiot anyway. He has destroyed so much I know to be true. Jack Snopes doesn’t know Jack S***.

Can we be in the age and not know it? Does a ‘silver age’ come first? Is golden the last? What about emerald? Or platinum? I hope it’s not the figment.

A large number of Mississippians will never reach the golden age because of too much time spent in the ‘lead age’.

Sometimes I think I’m already in the golden age, but after waking up the next morning after celebrating and consuming too much ‘geti-aide’, I say….nope,  not yet, but it’s close.

I’m 74 and need answers so I can have something besides my medicines dipped in gold…

(What with the price of prescriptions, they probably are dipped in gold, Bill.)

And Martha Mitchem replies

If it weren’t for the time of day you sent this, I would surely think you had waaaay too much ‘geti-aide’.  I think it is definitely a figment of the filament between your comatose and semi-comatose state which, for one to understand, one must consume copious amounts ‘geti-aide’.

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