Are these the good old days?


Gray skies are gonna clear up. Put on a happy face!

Sometimes it’s hard to take that sage advice to heart, and for sure it’s hard to imagine us looking back fondly on these tumultuous days of 2008.

You wonder what you will yearn for when you remember the first decade of the new millennium, what with war and the rumors of war; the constant threat of terrorism; and watching your investments move so far south they are below the equator. At the same time, prices are rising and people are having their identities stolen. What’s the world coming to, you question.

But history has a habit of repeating itself, and one day soon you may find yourself yearning for the turn of the century (the one between 1999 and 2000!). You’ll be talking about the birth of your grandchildren and recalling that big gas-guzzling SUV you used to drive – the one in which you could load up the family along with your in-laws and make a cross country trip (with extra jugs of gas traveling on the roof).

mini cars

By then, you will either be transported by a mini-pod that runs on baby oil or scooting around in a vehicle that is both road worthy and suitable for air flight. You’ll probably have a landing strip on your roof.

Cooking may be a lost art. Forget fast food, you will receive your nutrition through functional foods made to look like fudge brownies but delivering a double dose of anti-toxins. Your stove will be moved to the back porch where it holds your vintage collection of pots and pans

“What were these used for?” asks your great grandson as he bangs them together gleefully.

“Granny used to make soup in them,” you respond.

“What’s soup?” he asks.

“It was bits of meat and chopped vegetables simmered in a broth and eaten with a spoon,” you say as your taste buds flutter at the vague memory.

“Ick,” he says. “What’s a spoon?”

As a society, we are programmed to believe yesterday was better than today. Whether about sports, technology or politics, we love to wax nostalgic about yesteryear. But when this year becomes yesterday I think I will be quite content just to have survived.

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