Are these the good ole days?

the_good_ole_days_001_clnz Amid public sex scandals, prolonged warfare, wicked weather, and a government run amuck, it’s tempting to look back and yearn for the good ole days.

For me, that means the happy times of my childhood. My memory conjurs up family vacations to the Smokey Mountains, music that didn’t set your teeth on edge and social networking which took place at church socials or over the garden gate.

baby love

Bread was 24 cents a loaf and reading romance novels was the raciest thing people did (outside their own bedrooms).

In l961, my parents grounded me for two weeks for sneaking into the movie theater to see “Splendor in the Grass”.  Today  the movie would be labeled GP.  (I recently wanted to ground myself for seeing “Basic Instinct” which squeaked by with an “R” rating.)

The good ole days are probably different for everyone, but in hindsight, mine seemed a sweeter, gentler time, when crime was primarily of the purse snatching variety and the national debt was rarely mentioned.

People in the 50s were likely to be too skinny than too fat, and burgers were considered “slow food” because you had to wait for the charcoal to turn white.  Fried chicken didn’t come in a bucket and practically every home contained a sewing machine.  Remember those?

50s Four-letter words were never uttered in public unless you had a taste for Ivory Soap, and ice came our of aluminum ice cube trays tucked inside the “ice box”, a term I rarely hear any longer.

But being nostalgic can be dangerous. If all we do is long for the past we discount the present. Ten years from now, will we look back on the dismal unemployment and  run-away inflation rates and see this period as the good old days?

I recently heard a song entitled “These are the Good Ole Days.” The chorus goes like this:

These are the good ole days that we’ve been livin’
No more lookin’ back all is forgivin’
Ain’t gonna live my life through no picture frame
These are the good ole days
Seems like people get lost talkin’ ’bout some day
Something better will come and take them away
Never realize ’til it’s too late
It’s the simple things that make life worthwhile
Like a warm summer day or a laughin’ child
Or how it makes me feel just to see you smile.

Maybe it’s true.  The year 2011 will someday be the Good Ole Days for someone – despite its nagging negatives.  We might as well decide to make the best of it.

3 thoughts on “Are these the good ole days?

  1. Your Blog continues to be one of my daily required reading. Thanks to Helen for telling me about your Blog.

    Your daily thoughts are “feel good” food for my soul. Did you ever read the columnist that had a daily bit name: “Across the backyard Fence”…I don’t remember her name but your writing reminds me of a time when my Mom would take the daily paper and read the articles to me. ….. and that must have been in the mid 40′s…


    Chester (Chet) McLemore
    Rancho Mirage, CA. 92270

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