Are we 65 ? No way

we're 65 002

Today, we gathered together to celebrate a passage. Norma, the girl who is the glue of our friendship, turned 65 this week. She is the sexy one at the top right.  Linda and Marie don’t look so bad either.

we're 65 004

The girls of the Class of 65 met today. We had lunch in the building that once housed the Rose’s Cafe where you could twirl the menu on  your booth and  hear the music of your choice. We wore bobby sox and pony tails. And we had huge hopes for the future. We have arrived battered and bruised but still intact.

Also celebrating their January birthdays were Ann and Sandra.  Gertrude beat us all – she turned 65 last year and composed a poem to help us cope with our new senior citizen status.


3 thoughts on “Are we 65 ? No way

  1. You all look great!! I hate I missed the gathering. Let’s do it again soon. And happy birthday-late and early- to all. Lucille

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