Are you majoring in the minors?


I just agreed to yet another community project in which I have no real interest.  I did at one time, but since I finally grew up, my priorities have changed.


But the person who asked me to chair the committee has done too much for me.  I just couldn’t bring myself to say no. 

So I blew off my workout this morning, along with my intention to take lunch over to a sick friend.  La La Evans is my adopted grandfather who just had surgery and he doesn’t have much family around to look in on him.

Shame on me.  I complained to a friend who pointed out that I’m majoring in the minors and letting the elephants run wild.  So I’m absolutely saying no to everything for two weeks.  I don’t care if its an invitation to go antiquing. Taking care of business and people will be the majors until I can grow a backbone and “just say no.”

One thought on “Are you majoring in the minors?

  1. Girl, the more I read the more I find we have in common. Why is it we can say big words like absolutely, and certainly but the small two letter word NO is so hard to say? Is it because we really want to be good samaritans or is it the old fashioned guilt trip we feel if we say no? Really, it think the guilt trip is my problem, I really do want to be a good friend and all that stuff but sometimes I wonder what in the world was I thinking!!!! LOL

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