Are you up for a life changing event?


My little rag tag running team is considering another marathon and we’ve zeroed in on the Mardi Gras Half marathon scheduled for February 28 in New Orleans.  We had such a great experience in Nashville’s half marathon in April and figure a February race will be cooler, both literally and figuratively.


The race is a fund raiser for blood cancer research and our participation will be a tribute to Dr. Louis Portera (Marie’s first cousin and Mack Porter’s brother), who died of the illness this month.

You can get information on training for the event by logging onto or google “training for half marathon.”  The only prerequisite is you must be comfortable walking four miles.  You will receive weekly assignments stepping up your mileage each week.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Marathon & ½ Marathon
  • Ideal running temperatures -average race-day temps: low 49, high 59 F;
  • Live bands at every mile;
  • Post race concert;
  • Golf courses, park and swamp lands, reservoirs, hike and bike trails ;
  • Exceptional boutique shopping;
  • French Quarter Experience;
  • Distinctive Nightlife and Music Scene

But best of all you will get in the best shape of your life.  And you’ll have fun doing it with more than 20,000 runners who visit the Big Easy for the race each year. I believe Mardi Gras is about two weeks before race day.

So get out your running shoes and hit the streets.

P. S. – we do more walking than actual running and you can even register as a walker.

2 thoughts on “Are you up for a life changing event?

  1. Emily
    I loved your Snicker Bar diet! Don’t we wish it were that easy to lose some weight?! It sure was easy to put it on…

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