At last, a GPS for dirt!


I have two GPS systems – one on my phone and one in my glove compartment.  I’ve never learned to use either one.  It’s just easier to stop at the gas station to get directions.

But now there is a new application for the GPS which intrigues me. It’s the new robotic “Mint,” and it looks looks like an oversized piece of Chicklet gum. But don’t let appearances fool you, it can reportedly sniff out and gobble up anything in its path.


It’s no replacement for the vacuum for those with carpeting.  But with folks like me with hardwood floors, it would be a welcome helper.

You can sit back with your mint julip and watch the other Mint journey across floor cleaning up after you like the droid of your dreams.

The Mint has an edge detection unit which prevents it from taking a suicidal leap.

You can google it and read the reviews, but for myself, I’m just glad to see hi-tech move into the humdrum world of household chores.


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