Attack of the hackers


Yesterday, as I merrily googled several news outlets, suddenly an alarm began blaring, and my screen went all red with warning signs flashing.  

There was a message that I was under attack and should click a button to stop the assault.  Of course, innocent that I am, I clicked.


What happened next was even scarier.  I thought my laptop would begin emitting smoke and fire.  Of course, I immediately called my son, B, who operates a computer company.

He came right over (I do get some perks.)  It took him over three hours to correct the problem. He explained that one of the sites I visited had been able to hack into my computer. Once inside, they popped up the alert hoping I would bite. 

I asked what a hacker hopes to gain.

“Depending on what you are doing at the time, hackers could gain access to your passwords and potentially get into your bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc.,” he said. “Most banks have “malware” to prevent this, but the creeps are always looking for way to get around the protection.”

If this happens to you, DO NOT CLICK.  Cut off the computer and call your computer tekkie.  I have B’s number if you need it.  (I guess you could call this an ad for my son’s business, but darn he’s good.)

3 thoughts on “Attack of the hackers

  1. My computer went crazy a month or so ago and Braddock came to the rescue. He was very patient with my ignorance and answered a lot of questions. He knows what he is doing. I enjoyed getting to know him as as adult!

  2. I have been told, too, that it is better to google someone or a company instead going to them by the address bar, because that way, you will not start getting all kinds of emails

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