Autumn Addict

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Loving autumn has been a life-long romance for me.  From the first day of school in 1953 until this very day, I live for September.

It’s the perfect month in my opinion – we still have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,  New Years, and the remote possibility of a winning football season ahead of us.

The oppressive heat of Mississippi summer abates, and rich, roomy fall clothes allow you to cover up those extra pounds that begin to creep up as we begin to “nest.

Around the first of September, out comes my bag of fall “toys” which includes fake pumpkins that look as good as the real thing, strings of orange lights , and cinnamon scented candles.

Up goes the Autumn Tree which has become a tradition since I moved back to Mississippi.  It goes up around the first of September (I’m a tad late this year) and remains until Thanksgiving evening when it is redressed in its Christmas finery.

There’s nothing more soothing, than the soft amber glow of the tree while  a pot of chili bubbles on the stove.  Never mind that my neighbors think I’m crazy – they refuse to understand it is NOT a Christmas tree.  Who has an orange Christmas tree?

“See you already got yer tree up,” said a woman walking her dog at dusk yesterday.

“No M’am,” I corrected.  It’s for fall.  Can’t you see it’s got orange lights and has pumpkins hanging all over it?”

“Looks like a Christmas tree to me,” she mumbled.

Oh well, but I’m not alone in this tradition.  Check out some of these I found on the internet.


autumn tree

beyt tree

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  1. I love it! I’m getting married next September and we’re thinking about using autumn trees as part of the decor. Fall is such a wonderful season!

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