Babies, best friends and benchmark birthdays

me and b

This has been the week of special birthdays.

First, my baby boy “B”, (left) celebrated a biggy – one with a zero behind it, and my best girl friend, Barton, had one with a five  behind it.  BIG!

At left, B and I did Bubble Tea at a Nashville tea bar.

If you haven’t had Bubble Tea, ask “B” before you try it.  I guess it’s a big city thing.


braddock 40 barton 65 051

His birthday on Thursday was a non-stop day of  restaurant hopping in Nashville with his brother, William, whose tastes are very sophisticated.

We  had some brand new experiences– a Hookah bar, sushi and two nights of trivia where “B” was the grand prize winner.  I wish he would go on Jeopardy. He would be a shoo-in.

braddock 40 barton 65 054

Today, was a benchmark for my beautiful friend, Barton (at left blowing out her fire).

We go way way back to bobbie sox and bubble gum. Barton, Marie, Norma, Ruthie and I  began with lunch in a private room at The BookMart (very private – we could hoop it up and no one cared) followed by birthday cake at my place.

Never mind that I forgot to serve the cake until dusk when everyone was about to leave.  So we zoned out on sugar (except for me since I gave it up for Lent).  I watched them and drooled like a teething baby.  Do you think Barton looks 55?  I don’t think so.

What a wonderful week for two people whom I love without reservation. Thanks to William for making the Nashville trip the best ever.

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  1. Hey Angel Girl…..A great birthday and compliments! Who could ask for a better friend…..I love you…….Thank you for everything….I had a wonderful day… all just make me so homesick every time I come home…I miss you all so much……

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