Be careful what you wish for

water pump 002

My wish list became shorter by one item on Wednesday.  I had mentioned in my newspaper columns that I was on the trail of an antique water pump in order to complete a water feature in my back yard.

When I got home Wednesday evening, what do you think I found at my back door? Yes, an old water pump, left in Santa Claus fashion with a note from Monroe Dewberry of Maben, Miss. and New Mexico – saying “my gift to you.”  What a nice surprise, and just what I’d been looking for!

I called him up and we got reacquainted. I haven’t seen Monroe in probably 10 years when he directed a play in which I was a cast member – playing a bit of a drunken floozie and the “other woman” in a love triangle.

He wholeheartedly believes in reincarnation and thinks I might have been such a low-life in a previous life since I  played it so well. (That’s a good thing since he must think I’m NOT such a character in this life. Whew.)

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