Best laid plans

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My oldest and best  girl friends came over today for a cookie swap.  I was determined to get the house cleaned up, get dressed and just enjoy their company.

At 10 a.m. the cable man arrived two days late.  Twenty minutes later the appliance repair man showed to up to fix a faulty element in my oven and had to fight with the Starkville Electric Department to find a place to park.

A squirrel had decided to fry himself on the transformer beside my drive-way which knocked out my power.

Two hours before the party,  one guy was tramping over my clean floors with his muddy boots while my appliance man had pulled the oven out of the wall and the electric department had blocked my entire street.

Working feverishly, these nice service people worked like little elves and got everything done exactly 14 minutes before my friends arrived.

A bonus was that Aaron, my trusty repairman, removed the fried squirrel from the sidewalk leading up to my entryway so my friends wouldn’t have to step over him or her to get to my door.

Whew.  Sometimes the planets line up just right after being out of whack for a little too long.   I have a new high def television system (which I have no idea how to operate), my oven is back in business and a squirrel has gone to meet his maker. I’m so glad that this party was for my best friends  since kindergarten.  There’s no need to try to impress them. They know all there is to know.

I think I can proceed with Christmas plans feeling secure everything has gone wrong that can go wrong.  Hope floats.

2 thoughts on “Best laid plans

  1. Emily….we had a great time at your house today! Leave it to you to have everything ready just in time for a party! Good friends and good food (cookies, too) go well together!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. As usual, we had fun and at our age that’s all that matters. You’re always the perfect hostess. Love your new den! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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