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The West Point High School class of l964 kicked off their reunion tonight at Old Waverly Country Club.  I felt like a fly on the wall since I didn’t belong to this class.  I roamed around, eaves-dropping on the memories, and  a few of the confessions.

At first they thought I was crashing the party, but I was legit.  I had a date with the  cute one on the right with Kakki pants and navy shirt. I wonder why I let him slip away 45 years ago.

douThere was no live entertainment unless you consider the duo of Jimmy Wood and Mack Portera, the two chancellors in the class.  Portera is chancellor of the Alabama University System and Wood is Chancellor of everything else.

I noticed all the women were passing around their I-phones proudly showing adorable photos of children and grandchildren.  Where were the men?

doug clark and fishOh, there they are.  Doug Clark, center, is showing off his proudest I-phone moments to Tommy Bryan, Alan Flowers, Leon Hicks and David Replogle.

How sweet, I thought.  Then I learned he was showing pictures of his catch during a recent fishing trip.

My girls – meaning those of us who tagged along with the Class of 64 – as in, dated or married them, held our own little micro-reunion.  Below you can see Jane McHaney, bless her heart; Kathy Wood, Really Bless her Heart; Barbara Bryan, PLEASE bless her heart; and Susan Chandler.  Susan’s husband, Kyle, was given a lot of credit for planning the reunion, but we all know who actually delivered.  Right?


alan, brenda,

Alan Flowers, Beth Parker, Brenda Cordle and Husband, and Olivia Portera caught up on the last 45 years since departing ole West Point High.

my date 024 Mack, Jimmy and Conley shared a few memories while I clicked away.  There’s more tomorrow when we “Do the Ritz,” then on Sunday when the First Baptist Church will turn over the service to the Class of 64. Eddie Gandy will preach, and several other class members will provide the music. I hope the Baptists are prepared for this.


Above picture includes from left, Larry McHaney, Leon Hicks and Tommy Bryan.

This class was tight.  When Melvin Byrd had a grave illness and couldn’t work, the class raised more than $5,000 to pay his house note during those hard times. He told many other stories of the generosity of his classmates.

Yeah, these guys and girls are like family. I got a lump in my throat watching them interact. The fun continues tomorrow.

I took away a choice quote – forgot who said it.  “The good thing is we’re all too old to die young.”  Tommy Bryan added – “only the good die young, you know.”

8 thoughts on “Best of class in ’64

  1. It was really wonderful seeing pictures and hearing about the reunion of the class of 64!

  2. Oh, Emily- please tell Jane McHaney that Ann Randle Hemphill Vanderbeek Poche said “hello!” She was a prof of mine at MSU and I worked with her at Kennesaw State and I’ve lost touch with her! Thanks!

  3. Hey Ann – Jane seems unusually sane to have lived with Larry McHaney for all these years. Just kidding, Larry. Incidentally, Larry informed me last night that it wasn’t he that first told me the “s” word as I reported in an earlier post. It was Phil Dickerson. See how we carry around warped memories?

  4. Emily, thanks so much!! I was unable to attend, and I really appreciate the blog. Especially the great pics. HOpe someone took a lot more and will e-mail them to me. Thanks again!!

  5. Very disappointed that you couldn’t make it. Was wonderful. The years just fell away and we were 15 again.
    Barbara Gregg can take credit for an outstanding event.

  6. Emily,
    After having spent all afternoon reading everything you’ve ever written on Diva and all the other comments, links, etc. I finally happened on this portion of the 64 article. How I enjoyed it and especially the fact that you showed pictures of some and actually named who they were. If not for you, I would have never know who they were, for aging does play tricks on us, doesnt’ it?
    I must agree about Jane being sane after all these years. She is so dear and I am so lucky to have her as my sister (in-law).
    Thanks for all you did to allow us to “attend” this event through your eyes.
    Love ya,

  7. So good to see so many of the ’64 class in our church service on Sunday. Even the Methodists and Catholics did themselves proud in the Baptist Church!
    Greetings to all of you from the Class of ’63–glad you had such a great weekend. At least you are finally beginning to look as old as we do!

  8. Emily,
    Thanks so much for the great pictures. I have been out of town for 10 days (family emergency in KY) and have not checked “deluded diva”
    It certainly looks like everyone had a great time both nights. I also thank you for adding the names under the pictures, I guess I have been away from WP too long and do not recognize people!! You know the Class of ’67 had a great reunion in 2007 with Big Ben playing!!!

    Keep up the good work!!

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