BFFs? Whatever that is, we must be it!

hazel's visit 002

Our “old home” week continued today when  my college room mate  and our best buddy from high school came to town.

I have called her Hazel all my life but her name is Linda. She is pictured third from left with Norma, Marie and Ruthie. She was my room mate at the “W” before I went crazy and transferred to Ole Miss.


I had no idea what a BFF was  but I figure she must be one. (I had to google it and learned it means best friends forever.)  If  the quartet pictured above hasn’t qualified for that by now, we are running out of time.

We went to the Grill for lunch and discussed about a million things that are on our minds. The most insignificant one was my aversion to  the Jamie Lee Curtis ads for Activia, some kind of yogurt.  It features a bunch of old ladies (about our age) sitting around a restaurant talking about their digestive problems.  They end the spot by singing “AC – TI- VIIIIAAA!”

Sure, okay. Whatever.  That’s just not us.

One thought on “BFFs? Whatever that is, we must be it!

  1. I hate that add too! I am no fan of the bears in the woods with paper issues…. another story for another time.

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