Big week ahead


Not only have fall temperatures finally arrived, thanks to quasi Hurricane Lee which is making its way through the Southeast,  but there are numerous holidays to celebrate this week. 

Monday is the biggest.  Of course, it’s Labor Day and we can all stay home and vegetate since the weather will rain on our cookouts and parades. 

But you may not know it’s also officially Be Late For Something Day according to Bizarre American Holidays. 


Ironically, Tuesday is Fight Procrastination Day.  Go figure. 

Today, September 4 is Newspaper Carrier Day. On this date in 1833, Barney Flaherty answered an ad in The New York Sun and became the first “newsboy.”

Actually, Barney became what we now call a paperboy. He was 10 years old at the time. Show us a 10-year-old who reads a newspaper today. Those were the days! Of course, there was no radio, no TV, no MTV, no computers, no Internet no cells. What was a kid to do.

One of my fondest childhood memories is of my neighbor, Phil Dickerson, who was a paperboy in West Point during the 1950s.  He would save up all his undelivered papers (I’m not sure why he always had so many left over) and we would soak them in water and have paper fights on the weekends.  It was hand to hand combat but I don’t think anyone was ever wounded seriously.

My mother would pull out her hair.  “Why do you engage in such violent behavior,” she would cry when I came inside, bruised, but happy.  I guess she was afraid people would accuse her of child abuse.  No wait, I don’t think we’d even heard that term in those days.

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