Blackberry totin’ pres-elect wants to turn us into tekkies

I just heard Mr. Obama announce on television that he wants to post his new stimulus package on the Internet so we can go in and see what goodies he has in store for us.

That’s considerate, but I’m wondering what percentage of the American populous even own a computer. Could it be, he’s colluding with Yahoo or Dell to make the computer as vital as indoor plumbing?

According to Wikipedia, only 65 percent of American households have computers, so what are the rest of the “unplugged” to do?

And Blackberries? Not yet, not for me. I only know of three people (Olivia, Kathy and Mark) who are Blackberry savvy. And Lota still calls them Blueberries. (Sorry Lota, I still wake up in the night laughing about that.)

5 thoughts on “Blackberry totin’ pres-elect wants to turn us into tekkies

  1. I may not know blackberries from blueberries but I bought an MP3 player today, and I have been putting music on it without help from anyone! I am very proud but my daughter did have to correct me when I told her I wanted an MPV player to listen to when I walk! How’d they get such a crazy name anyway?!?

  2. More people need to buy computers so that your Boy Braddock can stay in business!! He was at my house last week; I recommend him to anyone who has a computer problem. He’s a jewel.

  3. Okay, how much do we owe you for that plug! Thanks. He really is such a patient technician – and I haven’t found an appliance or computer he can’t fix. Thanks much.

  4. Lordy I hope not. He is feeling a little isolated in our little town – he grew up in New Orleans. But his business is doing well and he just built a house – so I hope to goodness he doesn’t outgrow Starkpatch!

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