Blast from the past

Brenda's shed 014

Spending the day in the garden was as much fun I’ve had all year, and we took some time to putter through Brenda’s old workshop out back.

Charlie Weatherly above spied a beautiful old mirror frame and he couldn’t wait to take rubbings.  He plans to replicate the design on a cornice for his wife Ellen.



The shed was built in the 1950s by Brenda’s father and it contains all sorts of memorabilia.  The shed itself is a conversation piece. It was singled with old printing plates someone from the university had given him.

You can still read the writing on the plates. My favorite was one advertising a square dance in 1959 – with John Robert Arnold as the “caller.”  All these years later, John Robert is still calling square dances.

Brenda's shed 004

All these years of looking at that shed, I never realized it is shingled in printer’s plates.  Bet you’ve never seen that before.

3 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. I really enjoyed this, because, I have been in contact with mr. Weatherly about roses and I worked at herschede Hall clock company, and Mr Arnold is such a good man, and a friend and even a cousin of mine, too. Thanks, this is really a great article.

  2. I cannot recognize Charlie from that angle. Are you sure that is Charlie? He looks so thin! Fun to read your articles.

  3. That’s definitely Charlie – he brought us buckets of daffodils – I noticed thathe’s lost a lot of weight. Don’t know how, because he’s such a great cook!

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