Boot camp highs and lows


What has Marie gotten me into now?  Last year it was a half marathon and now she made me join a “Boot Camp” being conducted by Coach “T”, the former line backer coach for the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

A FOOTBALL COACH, for pete’s sake, and  I’m such a delicate flower.


Tonight we went for induction.  It seemed more like torture. Waterboarding couldn’t be much worse.

Just when I thought I would die, he pulled me aside and whispered stuff like “You really surprise me, Emily. You are hanging tough.”

Of course, I bucked up and went through the paces, giving it  everything I ever had. I wanted to please him if I died doing it.  What a motivator.

We ran up and down the football stadium six times and did squats and push ups at every turn.  We ran through tires and navigated rope ladders and  sweated buckets. By the time I got home, I didn’t have on a dry stitch and my hair was plastered to my face.

And getting home wasn’t easy.  My right leg was so shaky I couldn’t keep it on the gas pedal.  I had to set the cruise control on five miles per hour and hope I didn’t have to stop. I’m surprised I didn’t get a DUI.

Oh, but what a high once it was over.  I haven’t felt that rush since we finished the half marathon. I felt like I could do anything.

We will be doing this every Tuesday and Thursday during the month of June if we live that long. Marie and I are almost twice the age of the rest of the class, but I’m pretty sure we are teacher’s pets. Coach “T” and his sidekick, Pruitt, try to put on a tough exterior, but I can tell they want us to succeed.

Incidentally, I had the first really good night’s sleep in ages.


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