Botched order lends a little levity

gary Our best  friend, Gary Florreich, has been featured in a national magazine – not so much for the success he’s had, but for one botched order that caused a  stir in the business world.

The National Federation of Independent Business featured Gary in a recent edition of “My Business” when they went on a national search for the most innocent faux pas.

They got wind of Gary’s experience and came calling  for a feature photo shoot (photo at left made in his back yard). Here’s what happened.

One of Gary’s most prestigious national clients placed an order for thousands of safety kits from his specialty advertising company called “Logo Express” – based in Abita Springs, La.  When the customer received the order, there was a mysterious 1-800 number imprinted on the bags.

Guess what.  It was to an “adult hot line.”  This from from one of the country’s oldest and most respected security companies.

But Gary (our beloved classmate we lovingly called “Flo-mop” in high school because we’d never seen a German in West Point and couldn’t pronounce his name) took it all in stride.

He immediately corrected the problem and provided his customer with new bags.  The 1-800 was removed, but not the remaining seven digits, so the supplier had to reprint them yet again! Gary said the client had a terrific sense of humor about the whole thing.

“Whatever it is that you do, there are always certain elements that are out of your control,” said Gary.

We laughed about it and began talking about the next time his band, “The Torquays” will be playing in The Point.  Okay, Class of  66 – surely you will invite us

Now Gary, could I get that 800 number again?

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