Bread baking satisfies domestic side

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I feel like Laura  on Little House on the Prairie.  Yesterday, I baked my first batch of Amish Friendship Bread.  It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

I tweaked the recipe a tad to make it a little healthier – instead of six cups of white flour, I used five cups of whole wheat flour, one cup of white flour, and a cup of flax seeds. It made a very dense nutty bread. 

I sliced one loaf and I’m toasting it very low (100 degrees) in the oven to get the moisture out.  Then I’ll put the toasts in a baggie and beat it to death with a rolling pin so make whole grain bread crumbs. 

It’s always puzzled me why someone doesn’t sell whole wheat breadcrumbs in the grocery store, so I’ll just make my own.

Heck I might even take a few jars to the farmers market tomorrow and see if I can sell them!

For my next batch, I’ve decided to “feed” the starter with garlic potato flakes rather than the unflavored variety.  Since I hardly eat bread these days, I’ll be looking for homes for my loaves.  Anyone interested?

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