Breaking in the party room

yvonne's party room 013

I’m not sure if it’s because she calls it “The Party Room” or just that she put together a group of fun-loving crazy people, but Yvonne’s christening of her new party room  tonight was the most fun I’ve had this year.

Yvonne, pictured at right in the lead photo, is my new neighbor who enclosed her garage and created a space she calls “The Party Room”.  She put in an oversized dining room table with lots of chairs and stations around the room for food and beverages.

Tonight she declared the Party Room “Open for Business.” I was worried some cowboy might wander in and order a whisky on the rocks.

yvonne's party room 012

Of course, the guys gathered in one corner while the girls gravitated elsewhere. Some things never change from junior high onward.

yvonne's party room 004

That’s Robin O’Nan at left and her friend Paula, a childhood friend visiting from Kentucky.  Robin just left her job to become a full-time decorator. She is awesome.  You’ll be hearing more about her on my website.

yvonne's party room 011

Yvonne’s favorite neighbor  baked a cake for the occasion (okay so I didn’t bake it, but I ordered it, OKAY!). It reads “thank you” to all her friends who helped her move into the house.

Linda Davis and her husband, Muse, (above)  are among the crowd. They are the most interesting people I’ve met this week.  Linda is trying to become a Bee Keeper – yes, she fools with Bees and makes honey.  Muse has a name that reminds me of the Old South and he told me a story of his heritage that fits it perfectly.

Iyvonne's party room 005

Jack and the rest of us were just ordinary folks enjoying the repartee.

Fran Lavell, pictured at left in the lead photo,  has become the one person I can count on to change my mood  from whatever I’m feeling to something better. Gosh, I  think that makes her mind altering – I hope she doesn’t get arrested.

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