Bright Idea: Project to keep you and kids out of trouble

Now, if I did this, people would accuse me of having too much time on my hands. But I spotted a brilliant idea to introduce into your garden whick is both functional and decorative.

It’s a life-sized outdoor “tick tack toe” game which will keep your children and grandchildren occupied. It will also require so much work on your part, that you won’t have time to get in trouble yourself.

The gardener created the game by pouring concrete into square forms which were studded with colorful “found” objects around the house – old marbles, small toys, sand dollars, etc. After the squares set up they can be arranged in the garden. Huge butterflies and hockey pucks were used to mark the squares.

Does anyone know how to mix concrete or where to buy the forms? This is one project I’m going to do. Heck, I may line my garden with a giant monopoly set.

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