But, Shirley, can you smoke it?


My personal “garden mama,” Shirley Dawkins,  just sent me a photo of her latest specialty garden.  It is planted in the most dilapidated old disgusting wheelbarrow you ever saw. But Voila.  It’s beautiful.

The thing is, she didn’t even plant it.  It showed up unannounced.

I think her husband, Tom, must have run over the wheelbarrow with his Mercedes and Shirley just left it to die a natural death. Low and behold, this spring a wonderful specimen showed up and began to thrive. If this isn’t “yard art”, I don’t know what is!

Shirley tells me it is officially Verbascum/Mullein——or just a plain ole  tobacco plant.  During the summer these 2 plants will put up a stalk about 3 feet
tall——-and she will send  me an update.

But, Shirley, can you smoke it?  I heard cigarettes were up to $6 a pack.  We could market this thing!

4 thoughts on “But, Shirley, can you smoke it?

  1. You crack me up! The question is -how did a tobacco plant get into a wheelbarrow in Starkville, Mississippi?

  2. Shirley, where did you get the tobacco plant – I tried planting a pack of cigarettes, and nothing has germinated.

    Update – Shirley affirmed that the plant just showed up on its own. Apparently it loves poor soil. She is going to give me some babies and I will have a new career – raising tobacco.

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