Call me an optimist

tomatoes 010

The Everything Garden Expo left me so  motivated I can already taste the homegrown tomatoes  – even though I’m looking with skepticism at the spindly little tomato plants I purchased as I watched the temperature plummet.

Maybe by June?

tomato cut red 2 halves

I’ve decided to dig a vegetable plot right in my front yard – behind my perennial border because that’s the only place in my yard which gets the necessary six hours of full sun. To my neighbors, I’m sorry.  I must become Farmer Brown, but I promise to bring you some fruit of my labor.

The haybale system down the street  worked great last year, but after I added up all the cost of the bales, the gallons of water each day,  and fertilizers necessary, we realized we had produced the proverbial $64 tomato.

We’re going the old fashioned route this year. I bought two bush tomatoes the vender promised me would remain low and compact but produce full-sized juicy red tomatoes.  I also picked up two cherry tomato plants which will hopefully be hidden behind my old garden phlox, monarda, daisies, – and of  course, lots of basil.

I’m about to replant the baby tomatoes into bigger pots and set them in my greenhouse to  cool their heels and put on some weight until planting time.  I can dream, can’t I?

We also learned what to do about the Bermuda grass which has invaded my perennial bed with a vengeance.  The “expert” said, no need to dig everything up and start over.  I must go purchase something called  Poast – yeah, yeah, a chemical, I know.  So much for organic gardening.  I will follow that up with something called Surflan which will keep the cancerous weeds from EVER coming back.

We shall see.

2 thoughts on “Call me an optimist

  1. Really Martha? Have you had experience with it? I don’t want to kill my precious pass-a long plants. Have you used Poast? I’m only trying to get rid of the Bermuda grass that blew in from who knows where.

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