Can beauty become the beast?


My book club met tonight.  The book was really lame, so we engaged in some deep conversation while we methodically dipped into the guacamole.

We drifted toward reality television and those make-over shows. Someone questioned the preoccupation of a nation trying to maintain its youth at all costs – i. e. face lifts, Botox, liposuction, expensive creams.  My generation is probably the most vulnerable to vapid promises. (I know that wrinkle patch I bought didn’t work.) 

I might inject that none of my friends has had any of these invasive procedures – probably because we can’t afford it. Well, I take that back.  Nell said she could, and was going to get it, but wanted granite countertops in her kitchen more.  Now, that’s a woman who has her priorities in order.

I suppose I could afford any of those treatments, but I would have to sell my truck and my puppies and you know that’s not going to happen! I keep remembering Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White – I wonder what happened to them in their later years.

What did Cinderella do when her bunions punched through her glass slippers and sleeping beauty started snoring, and Snow White really turned “snow white.”

Why doesn’t someone write those stories?

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2 thoughts on “Can beauty become the beast?

  1. Emily, I nominate YOU to write those fairy tale endings! The one I would really feel for is Snow White; imagine having to put up with seven men! Actually, I was having friends for dinner one night- several years ago- and my garbage disposal stopped working. Three men were immediately on their knees under my sink trying to fix it. That’s the only time I’ve ever had “three men at my disposal!”

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