Losing time, thanks to ole Benny


For all of you who are reaching this site by googling for “when do we turn the clocks “forward” – tonight’s the night!  Instead of daylight savings time, we should call it “lose an hour time.”

We’ll be robbed of an hour of sleep tonight, but at least my pedometer will have the correct time again.  I don’t know how to reset it, so it’s been an hour off for 12 months!

You can thank Benjamin Franklin for your loss of sleep. He conceived the concept in 1784, in an essay he called “An Economical Project.” From the title alone I can glean that the paper must’ve been thrilling. He called the lost hour “a moment of whimsey,” …”to offset the waste of daylight”, but I call it theft.  I understand they originally wanted to do it gradually by removing 20 minutes from our lives each Sunday in April.

My grandmother revolted at the whole idea.  For her entire life she refused to incorporate Daylight Savings Time into her life – or ours.  When we visited her, we ate lunch at 10 a.m. and went to bed while the sun still shone outside. She was up at 4 and called us at 5 a.m.  every Sunday morning.

But Mama Lee lived to be 93 years old.  Do you think her rejection of DST had anything to do with it?

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