The absent-minded confessor

absent minded
It’s becoming increasingly clear that my chronic condition, once considered “lovable absent-mindedness” has been elevated to a critical, possibly terminal condition.

To wit: I headed to the bank this morning to make a deposit. Not only did I miss my turn and have to back-track but when I finally got up to the front of the drive-through I deposited my electric bill. I had to go home and start over, muttering curses to myself for the waste of time.

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Announcing the Best Xmas Ever Awards!

10 girls and a guy

The season can officially begin now that my friends of 60 plus years celebrated this weekend.  From left seated:Kathy Scalzo, Gail Todd (who came all the way from Colorado) and the Deluded Diva.  Back from left Olivia Catledge, Marie Portera, Norma Clark, Beth Hooker, Ruthie Stafford, Linda Barton, Ann Edwards and Tinker Lautar. (Many names have changed by marriage, but I remember them the way they were.)

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Great news: Aging is optional!

bag ladies

Did you know that your attitude about aging can have a bigger influence on your longevity than lowering your blood pressure or cholesterol?

That day we placed grocery bags on our heads (pictured above) and pronounced them “stunning” is a case in point.  It was a cold rainy day which instantly turned sunny when we were together.

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Driven by my Neanderthal-Irish past

neanI recently discovered I am only 97 percent human since I traced my DNA through “Twenty Three and Me”, an ancestry research company.

After I plunked down my $100 and spit in a cup, “Twenty Three and Me” traced my heritage all the way back to my Neanderthal beginnings.  I do have rather long arms and love to chew on a drumstick at tailgate parties. Hmmm.

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