Feels like 5 Below

more 5 below

No, not the weather, silly.  I’m feeling like a trip to “5 Below”, a shopping girl’s mecca for all things colorful and trendy.  I discovered one in Nashville this weekend and am happy to report there is probably one coming your way very soon.  The 5 Below earnings and stock prices are soaring.  Ah, inflation…

I supposed it was inevitable that the Dollar Tree would spawn an even better source for tight wads and recreational shoppers.  I predict 5 Below will make the Dollar Tree – where items have been downsized to laughable proportions – obsolete.

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Remembering the Beatles


The year was 1964 and my date and I were driving over to Columbus, Mississippi to see a “flick” at the Princess Theatre. We didn’t get many first run movies in our area and if memory serves me, we were going to see some B grade film starring Bela Lugosi or a girl named “Gidget.”

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Celebrate Good Times!


January is the month of celebration – and the girls of the class of ‘65 always find something to celebrate.  Doesn’t matter what it is – a good hair day, losing a half pound or escorting our gang into another year of life. It is rumored that Kool and the Gang stole the song “Celebrate Good Times”  from us.

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Where have my playmates gone?


The answer to that question is easy.  The “kids” I grew up with are no longer my playmates.  They have become my family, and that family got together this weekend to celebrate another year of our lives.  Above Bob Marshall, Carole Higgins Morton and Billy Damron journeyed to West Point to paint the town green and white one more time.

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