Taming tigers is risky business


My editorial board (currently composed of me, myself, and I) has begun work on a new book tentatively entitled “Taming Tigers in the Woods”. The “woods” represent that dreaded condition called aging, and the “tigers” are all the factors which conspire to make our passage into this phase of life so treacherous.

The tigers are laying in wait for their opportunity to attack with any weapon they can find to derail our smooth ride through that condition known as Boomeritis.

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Can you hear me now?

us better

This week my best high school buddies got together to launch plans for our 50th class reunion. If truth be told, it’s probably more like our 150th reunion because we get together at the drop of a hat. Nevertheless, we try to put on the dog at least every five years, and the 50th anniversary of our matriculation is cause to put on a dog AND a pony show.

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Rules of Engagement


I was catching up with a friend at the supermarket this week and she asked what my new book is going to be about.  I said it will offer ideas on how to approach the aging process from an angle other than just letting it sweep my generation away without a fight.

“Aging,” she almost spat in disgust. “I’m against it,” she said unequivocally as if discussing the H1n1 swine flu. She was obviously in peak condition and had just come from Pilates class.  This girl wasn’t going lightly and I liked her spunk.

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Strangers in a strange land

devilNel and I have been working on our new book which is tentatively titled “What the Hell?” It is about aging disgracefully.  It was her idea and she’s busy painting little devils attacking little angels.

I was calling the book “Now, what?” but she said let’s just throw it all out there and call aging what it is – hell.   I’m not sure my Daddy will approve, but “What the Hell”? I’m sixty something and he’s ninety something and I doubt he can catch me to put me over his knee any longer.

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