Last dance before the BIG dance


I had a colossal brainstorm today and I’m following through on it although there are surely some people who would consider it in bad taste and maybe even a tad macabre.

That’s what aging does for you. You really don’t care what anyone thinks when you’re on your soapbox.

First, let me back up and give you details on how I arrived at this freakish notion. Last month, a life-long friend with whom I talked at least once or twice a month for the past 30 years just up and died. There was no warning or suspicion that anything was wrong. Apparently he had a lurking heart condition which no one, including the doctors, ever suspected.

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Making it up as I go along


I heard that 2014 has been declared the Year of the Baby Boomer (those born between 1946 and 1964) since the babies of our group are turning 50 this year.

It’s about time boomers got some respect. We’re been maligned as a selfish, greedy, statin-sucking bunch of buffoons who type with our thumbs.  In keeping with that reputation I’m making a different sort of New Year’s resolutions.

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Let the celebration begin

ann and barbThe girls of West Point High School (class of ‘65) gathered today as we do each Christmas to play a little dirty Santa and officially kick off the holiday season.  I still call us “girls” because that’s what we feel like when we’re together (social security notwithstanding).

At left Ann Edwards Gatlin and Barbara Norris Bryan did a little friendly fighting over their favorite ornaments.  Neither was dirty enough to steal anyone’s favorite.

An added bonus was a short course in holiday decorating by our hostess, Ruthie Stafford Weathers, a florist in one of her previous

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Celebrating a life well lived

gary_thumbThe movie, “The Big Chill” seemed hauntingly real as friends dating back to 1954 gathered yesterday to bury one of our own.

Gary Florreich (1947-2013) was one of the chief reasons our class has remained closer than many blood siblings through the years.

Gary’s upbeat send-off would have pleased him. It featured some of the music he loved most and sang the best.  As our little band of devoted classmates filed into the funeral home side by side, the tune “Stand By Me” was  playing.  Of course, we lost our composure – even the guys.  Continue reading

Last dance in West Point

scott and garyA

Gary Florreich, our beloved “flo-mop” (we called him that as children because we couldn’t pronounce Florreich) departed the world yesterday, and it was way too soon.  The entire West Point High School Class of ‘65 will be grieving for a long, long time. ( Above from left Scott Murrah and Gary perform at one of our many class reunions.)

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