The time of our lives


Lifetime friends from West Point High School had the time of their lives last night when they danced to the very same dance band they did 50 years ago.  No one broke a hip so far as I know and we juked on into the the wee hours (10 p.m. at least).

Then we moved the party to the Hampton Inn and ordered Pizza.  Does anything ever change very much if you grew up in West Point, Mississippi?   (Pictured above from left are longtime friends Carole Higgins Morton, Marie Portera, Norma Clark Atkins, Becky Cooper Angle, Elizabeth Randle Bounds, Beth Hooker Herron, and Linda Hazlewood.)


Above members of the Torquays include Scott Murrah, Tinker Lautar, Jeff Florreich, Bob Marshall, Tom Seagrest, Eugene Bailey, and Susie Marshall.  To us, they were better than the Beatles.



Quite possibly, the classes of 65 and 66 had the most fun.  Those were very good years.


The occasion had a higher mission – to pay tribute to the late Gary Florreich, our classmate and lead singer for The Torquays, the band which provided the soundtrack of our formative years.   Gary died almost exactly a year ago and our gang headed for New Orleans before sundown.  Losing one of our own still stings.

Gary’s brother, Jeff, stood in for him last night and the rafters of Teen Town shook just like they did a half century ago.  It’s a miracle the building is still standing.

Plans are already underway to met again Memorial Day Weekend if we can stand to wait that long.  Special thanks to Bob and Susie Marshall and Tinker Lautar for their work in putting together the time of our lives.

Refusing to go quietly!


Next week the class of 65 and all their friends will celebrate the life of one of our own and it won’t be one of those somber depressing affairs.

Gary Florreich (above right) died almost one year ago and the world is strangely quiet since he left..The memories are coming back by the truck load. The good looking guy on left is Scotty Murrah, Fluff’s brother.

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How’d you like a building named for you?


“it isn’t every day you have a building named or you,” acknowledged Mississippi State University’s former president, Mack Portera.  He and his wife, Olivia, (my high school chum and blood sistah) were honored last week during an unveiling of the new sign for the Malcolm A. Portera High Performance Computing Center.  What a team!

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Great day to be a Mississippian


Several Texas friends visited this weekend while attending the Mississippi State – Texas A & M football game.  How sweet it was!

They were all very good sports – especially Kim (center) and her husband David who are rabid Aggies. At right my fellow West Pointer Emily Bedford Schepens and her husband Jim  and classmate Al Sage and Tinker Lautar savored the day of conquest together.  I would put right up there with the end of prohibition!. Best of all, the out of staters get to return to Texas and Tennessee supremely proud to be native Mississippians and MSU or Ole Miss alums.

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Model citizens and exuberant ‘agents’

cropped book cover

Several people have asked who my models were for the front cover of my book “Love, Laughter & Losing my Keys.”   Well, they are my best friends for five decades including from left Norma Clark Atkins, yours truly who is high on Ensure – seriously, that’s what we are drinking (or was it a Cosmopolitan,  I forget) , Brenda Wiygul  Chambliss, and Marie Portera.

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