The book without a title

blanI’m a bit distracted because I’m watching the last episode of “The Sopranos”.  If I hear the “F” word one more time or see anyone else’s finger cut off  with a meat cleaver,  I must discontinue television.

The good thing is, I signed a contract today for a book deal.  The book doesn’t have a title because my editor hasn’t figured out who we are trying to reach.

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Overcome by midcentury madness

new desk

I cannot wait to show you my new office/breakfast room.  But at the moment it’s still in pieces as I try to recreate my midcentury mecca.  By “midcentury”, you must understand I’m not talking about the 1700s or anything like that.  I’m into the mid-1950s which until about a month ago I considered the tackiest period of civilization.

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Mother, may I?


I awoke today with those words tickling my brain. The answer to the age old question was typically an emphatic “No!” But then I was asking stupid questions like “May I fly that airplane” or “May I stick my finger that socket?”

Today is Mother’s Day and as always, memories of my mother came rushing in.  I also mulled over one of our favorite “recess games” we called “Mother May I?”

Silly game really. The object was for contestants to advance toward the Mother figure who won the leadership role by the old One Potato Two process of elimination.

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Feels like 5 Below

more 5 below

No, not the weather, silly.  I’m feeling like a trip to “5 Below”, a shopping girl’s mecca for all things colorful and trendy.  I discovered one in Nashville this weekend and am happy to report there is probably one coming your way very soon.  The 5 Below earnings and stock prices are soaring.  Ah, inflation…

I supposed it was inevitable that the Dollar Tree would spawn an even better source for tight wads and recreational shoppers.  I predict 5 Below will make the Dollar Tree – where items have been downsized to laughable proportions – obsolete.

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