Be careful what you wish for

kroger store

I have long wished for a supermarket with its own zip code – one that would offer unusual items not previously available on the continental US of A.

Voila! It has arrived in the form of a new Kroger store for my town – reportedly the second largest in the State of Mississippi. I have been a Kroger girl since I was a

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Reframing life


“My life has been filled with terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened.” I knew what Mark Twain meant when he made that  wry statement.

Our minds are constantly crammed with negative thoughts and unfounded fears of what could happen.  All these worst case scenarios can make us sick if we don’t do something about them.  Or, better yet maybe we can reframe them.

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Heading into the Cone of Uncertainty

better cone

Al Roker summed up my future this morning as he speculated about a hurricane’s ultimate destination.  He called it a Cone of Uncertainty and I know it well.  I live in it along with all the other Baby Boomers who inhabit the planet and get blamed for everything wrong in the world today.

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How many friends do you need?

bad girls

I’m not sure who these people are but I think they might be considered my
oldest (and craziest) friends.

Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary anthropologist in England, has made a study of how many people the average person knows. He and other researchers have found that on average people are connected in a variety of ways to a total of about 148 others.

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Why are we here and when is “now”?

nowI’ve been reading a lot of existential mumbo jumbo while trying to make sense of the ups and downs of this thing called life.

I have a quote hanging over my computer which reads “The two most important days of our lives are the day we were born and the day we figured out why.” I’m still waiting in anticipation for that second day but it just hasn’t happened.  But then, there’s always today…

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