Today is “Frump Day”


It’s only the 8th of January and I’ve broken every one of my New Year’s Resolutions – every single one..,joyfully I might add..

They were 1) No Sugar, 2) Perk up my wardrobe and retire the sweats, and 3)  Declutter the house – Nope.  Not in the cards this year.

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Jones: Party of one


In only hours 2015 will be but a memory and a brand New Year will be launched.

Tonight I’ll be avoiding all people, parties and primping – opting instead I’ll bundle up in my sweats with two dogs and a cat in front of the fire.  We will be watching a delicious new Netflix series entitled “Harper’s Island.”

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New toys in town


Let me preface this by saying that I begged my children back in September to withhold the giving of any more digital electronics this year for Christmas.  My learning curve has grown too steep and I was content to do most things the old-fashioned way or not at all.

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