Cheered by auto-correct

I awoke this morning, got all dressed up in my best gardening attire and headed outside to work in the garden.  The reason I have to dress up to garden is that I live on a major thoroughfare which is used by thousands of people and I would hate for them to know what a frump I can be.
Four feet out I felt as if I was having an asthma attack and I don’t even have asthma.  At 8 a.m. the heat index was already in the triple digits and gardening would have to wait.  It was too early to indulge in my favorite addiction – Netflix on the rocks – so I checked my email.  The first message I opened up had me in stitches and replaced my dejection with rejuvenation.

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Notes from the Hood


Several of my neighbors were sitting around the breakfast table yesterday sipping coffee and talking about how fortunate we are to have such wonderful, helpful people living around us.  They see us at our worst and never tell a soul…like when I put out my garbage wearing my son’s football helmet and my bathrobe.  Hey, it was cold, I was bald and I couldn’t find my hat. Continue reading

Go ahead, dream big!

dream bigger

So here I sit at this horribly advanced age (where I’ve been for 26 days) wondering where all the time went.  And why, for Pete’s sake, haven’t accomplished all the things I planned for myself.

Now that I’m practically grown up I am shocked and dismayed that I have only vague ideas of what it is I want. Then it came to be like a bolt out of the dark.  I’ve been working this thing from the outside in, instead of inside out.  I have been doing the external things like picking out new wall paint and eye make-up when I should have been addressing the hole in my soul.. Continue reading

Sunday musings – “Break Out of the Box” Day

out of box

Sunday morning is coming down in glorious technicolor and here I sit in my ugly brown box like a truant confined for bad behavior.  I’m waiting for someone to rescue me but there’s not a soul in sight.  I’d better figure out how to escape before it’s too late.  I’m declaring this “Think outside the box day.” Continue reading

How not to travel ‘old’


Let me make one thing perfectly clear.  I am NOT old despite the number of years I’ve managed to survive.  It’s so unfair that people judge us by the age we’ve been assigned especially when certain mystifying behaviors begin creeping in.

For example. It has come to my attention that I might have begun driving like an old person.  Admittedly I have developed an aversion to interstates. There was a time I used to race across the Mississippi coast on I-10 like a mad woman.  Fear was not in my vocabulary.

Now I try to find two-lane dirt roads for my travels.  There’s never any traffic and I like to shoot photos of old barns which are being reduced in numbers faster than my brain cells.

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