Stop the world, I want to get off

stopIt boggles the mind trying to imagine how far technology will take us in the next 15 years based on how far we’ve come since the dawn of the new millennium.

Smart phones, hi speed internet and GPS systems are old news by now.  I get a little uneasy when I realize my phone is smarter than I am, and I really don’t like to think about what is around the bend.

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Look your age, just don’t act it


A reader dropped me a note suggesting that I do a post blasting cosmetic companies for using 30-something year-olds to advertise products those kids won’t need for another three decades. Amen, sister. I’m on it.

To be honest this has been bothering me for some time too…like for the last 20 years when I’ve been completely available to help advertise the fountain of youth. I could be the “before,” and the peaches and cream “Gidget” could be the “after”.

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Meditation 101, best freebie yet


Not to get all woo-woo on you, but I find myself in such a copasetic state, I’m practically catatonic. As a recovering anxiety driven “awfulizer” who rushes from one place to another in a perpetual “tizzy”, you might wonder how I’ve found this new way of moving through my day in complete peace and serenity.

I’m in day four of an online course entitled “Meditation 101” and its been a fascinating and mind-expanding experience.  The information above is how I signed on. It may be to late to still get in on the action, but if you have an interest if wouldn’t hurt to try.

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Feels like 5 Below

more 5 below

No, not the weather, silly.  I’m feeling like a trip to “5 Below”, a shopping girl’s mecca for all things colorful and trendy.  I discovered one in Nashville this weekend and am happy to report there is probably one coming your way very soon.  The 5 Below earnings and stock prices are soaring.  Ah, inflation…

I supposed it was inevitable that the Dollar Tree would spawn an even better source for tight wads and recreational shoppers.  I predict 5 Below will make the Dollar Tree – where items have been downsized to laughable proportions – obsolete.

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