Earth angels among us

faceless angels 002One of my favorite Christmas presents this year is a painting done by Montgomery, Ala. artist Donnie Sasser.  He has become noteworthy for his signature “faceless angels.”

Why faceless, you ask?  The answer is both simple and intriguing, one that requires some reflection on a daily basis.   I, like Sasser, believe angels are not only celestial beings with wings who watch  over us from afar, but real live people  right here among us.

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Monday’s musings: Driven to distraction


I get teased a lot for going to bed with the sun and getting up with the chickens.  It’s true I am an early riser – always have been.

A couple of years ago I figured out that the morning is the only time of the day no one can take away from you. You get no phone calls, no text messages, the ambulances rarely squeal by and there is almost no traffic on my busy street. It’s bliss.

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