Retrotherapy – works for me!

nancytI take back every negative comment I’ve ever made about Facebook because the website helped reunite me with a very good old friend who now lives in Memphis. (We agreed not to use the word ‘old’ but it seemed necessary.)

Nancy Kennedy and I met in a divorce recovery seminar about 15 years ago and the two of us recovered almost instantly when we became good friends and running mates.  I’ll never forget the evening we went trick or

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Is big hair on the way back?


I was reviewing some photos from Fashion Week underway in New York, City, and  was very excited to see all the BIG FAT HAIR.

I’ve been waiting for 45 years for monster hair to come back in style.  The photo at left could have been me at my senior prom – well all except for the shoes.  (Are those ice skates?)

Of course, I never really stopped wearing “hair up to there.”  I figure it makes me taller.

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Are curves coming back?


Is the thinning economy bringing the curves back in style? Lord, I hope so.

I say, let’s bring back the pre-Raphaelite women who floated around on clouds and were a bit on the pudgy side.

The ailing economy may be leading us in that direction, some believe.  I’m on a campaign to make it happen so we can all enjoy “dining” again!

From time to time, we see articles proclaiming that thin is totally in or curvy is making a comeback.

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