A whopper of a idea for onion surplus


I wish you could be in my kitchen about now. It smells like I’m cooking something wonderful and I am, sort of.   Farmer Sam, my produce supplier, is still bringing me onions every week.  Since I only use about one tablespoon a day on my salad, it was time to have a major onion – cookin’.   I put on my onion cooking outfit (my pjs) and got it going.

First, of course, I googled onion recipes and came up with one I consider brilliant.  You carmalize them in your crotch pot.  (We call it the crotch pot because that’s what my friend Kate calls it).

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What to do with tomato bounty


Not many things I bake turn out all that good.  Yesterday I experienced an exception that made by heart sing.

Someone unknown to me at this point, left a whole heap of fresh picked tomatoes on my porch last Sunday.  I’m sorry, but I’m a bit selfish when it comes to a ripe homegrown tomato.  So rather than share, I’ve been eating BLTs, stewing them up into pasta sauce and yesterday I made a recipe which appears in my book (to be released in September).

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Would your kitchen pass health inspection? Mine? Not so much

crime scene

Do you wash a lemon before putting a slice in your water? Do you use the same kitchen towel to wipe your hands and counters? Do you grab ice from your freezer with bare hands?  Do you have furry things growing in your vegetable drawer.

For me that would be yes, yes, yes, and yes. All four would be considered major health violations in a restaurant and by all rights, my kitchen should be shut down.  I hope my Easter Dinner guests don’t read my blog or they will never come back.

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