Would your kitchen pass health inspection? Mine? Not so much

crime scene

Do you wash a lemon before putting a slice in your water? Do you use the same kitchen towel to wipe your hands and counters? Do you grab ice from your freezer with bare hands?  Do you have furry things growing in your vegetable drawer.

For me that would be yes, yes, yes, and yes. All four would be considered major health violations in a restaurant and by all rights, my kitchen should be shut down.  I hope my Easter Dinner guests don’t read my blog or they will never come back.

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The secret to controlling sugar cravings


I’m about six years away from finishing medical school, but I think I have found the secret to saying good-bye to sugar cravings – at least it worked yesterday and I’m hoping to go for two in a row.  To test the theory, I attended a Valentine Party and consumed nary a bite of the gooey, chocolaty empty calories which were calling me from around the room.

I know.  I know. I’m no fun any more since I became vegetarian.  But I feel great and the acne has cleared up after 58 years.

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What’s for dinner?

zucchiniSince I became a vegetarian I am always looking for new ways to prepare my vegetables.

I stumbled on this one yesterday.  I’ve been making pizzas using lengthwise cut eggplant slices but all I had in the fridge was zucchini.  I was really craving a pizza and cannot find whole wheat pizza crusts in this town.

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Pimp your grits-watch CREATE TV

Chef Vivian Howard Now hold on.  The word “pimp” doesn’t always refer to some slimy guy setting up clandestine meetings in dark alleys.  In this case it means the magical ability to turn lowly grits into the food of the Gods. You pimp them when you take them to new heights through the addition of non-traditional ingredients. Above, Chef Vivian Howard demonstrates one of the grits recipes in her restaurant in North Carolina.   In her show  “Life of a Chef” on CREATE,  she devotes her time to featuring a “farm to table” menu Continue reading

Will I get it right this year?


Since I married and learned to cook, the one dish which has alluded me  is my grandmother’s cornbread dressing. Well, there are others, but this is the one I grieve for. (Incidentally, Miss Elizabeth Miller channeled me through Damron that the dish has actually eluded me. Dang I hate when she does that.)

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