Thanksgiving: Is it lost in holiday shuffle?


I spent the week taking down the ghosts and goblins and putting up the Thanksgiving pilgrim and Indian decorations (can I still say “Indian?”). Meanwhile television advertising began promoting Christmas cheer while I mentally began making my gift shopping list.

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Only in America–too much food!

grief food

What a memorable food week.  It began with the funeral of one of my favorite cousins and ended with a family reunion today.  During that period, my favorite size six black shorts will no longer zip. Even if they would, they have become an inch shorter and the waist rolls over.  Mystery, huh?

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Some like it hot


Since no one has declared a special day for cayenne peppers I’ve decided to declare this it.  To celebrate, you can toss a healthy sprinkle into some water and toast the day – an added benefit is that it will plump up your lips as big as Priscilla Presley’s

I’ve always been a fan of hot sauces and peppers, but now I hear they may have hugely important medical implications aside from opening your sinuses.  Yay.  Finally!  Something I like is actually considered healthy.

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