Real ex-wives in Mississippi

boob tube

I have a new idea for a reality show which will be about as interesting and entertaining as any other reality show I’ve seen lately on the “boob” tube.

(Side note: Isn’t it ironic that once upon a time, we called the television  the “Boob Tube,” never dreaming that by the 21st century, boobs would become the central focus of programming – and for general audiences no less!)

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Super dawgs gather in droves

Superdawg weekend 2011 014

Super Dawg Saturday was one l—o—n—g, beautiful day. It began at 7:45 a.m. with the Mississippi Pork Cook-off on the Mississippi State campus, followed by a luncheon for all former MSU football players – which I was able to sneak into. I guess you could call me an aging  football player groupie.

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E-mails from the dark side

chain e-mails

Marie, I’m still waiting…

I get about six e-mails a week of the variety I call “chain emails.”

You know the ones, all forwarded, they deliver a beautiful message. If they stopped right there, you could walk away with a warm feeling deep in your soul and promise to be a better person for the rest of your life.

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My former hot life

Okay, so maybe I wasimages never really ‘hot’ (well except during the heat of summer), but since I have reached ‘a certain age’, the title of a new book got my attention.

This new funny and moving book from Stephanie Dolgoff, is the poignant memoir of a woman who has come to the realization that she is no-longer young or hip.

Dolgoff is editor-at-large at Parenting

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