Van Gogh? No, but close.

P2180101My new friend, Paul Buckley,  is producing some pretty stunning art on his computer.

I gave this one of downtown Starkville at sunset to my son for his birthday.  Paul waited days with his telephoto lens to capture the scene on the one day in the year when the sunset produces this effect. Unfortunately, my phone camera didn’t do it justice.

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Pimp your grits-watch CREATE TV

Chef Vivian Howard Now hold on.  The word “pimp” doesn’t always refer to some slimy guy setting up clandestine meetings in dark alleys.  In this case it means the magical ability to turn lowly grits into the food of the Gods. You pimp them when you take them to new heights through the addition of non-traditional ingredients. Above, Chef Vivian Howard demonstrates one of the grits recipes in her restaurant in North Carolina.   In her show  “Life of a Chef” on CREATE,  she devotes her time to featuring a “farm to table” menu Continue reading

Lazy woman’s guide to composting

lead bags

I look a little like Santa creeping around the yard with a big black sack thrown on my back. Wonder why no one ever told me before that you can compost all those leaves in your yard with a couple of simple steps?  Jane Loveless, one of my garden mentors, announced that we are throwing out the baby with the bath water by bagging our leaves and leaving them on the curb to be hauled to the landfill.

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Junkyard dawg mentality


I love to create interesting vignettes in my garden.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.  The above is one of my favorites (not mine unfortunately), and I’m searching junk shops for old galvanized pots.  I’m especially interested in one on an stand which I assume were created for pioneer homemakers as a wash-day convenience.  Boy has convenience come a long way, Baby.

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Welcome back, naked ladies. Stay awhile!


I’ve been out of Mississippi for a few days, only to return to the annual  show-stopping, mind-blowing return of one of my most favorite native bloomers:: Naked Ladies.

They make their all too brief appearance in August of each year and leave as abruptly as a pole dancer who is accosted by a drunken sailor.

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