Growing the finest tomatuh in the hood

whee doggies

My neighbor, (I’ll call her Brenda for the sake of anonymity) is one of the best things that ever happened to me.  She moved into my declining neighborhood and everything changed including my ability to grow good ole summer tomatuhs despite a severe lack of ample sun.

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Take a break and pot a plant


I have a sure-fire way of getting into the moment and converting my energy from high tech to slow-tech.

Simply shut down the computer and head to the garden or the back porch depending on the weather.  Today has been as good as it gets in February.

A little pruning here, pulling up a weed there or dumping some coffee grounds in my very low tech compost pile always gives me a good feeling. 

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Fall color popping up everywhere

Gloria's fall decorations, Lucy too 009

Today was practically perfect.  The rain stopped, the sun returned and I spent the afternoon in two of my favorite gardens.

One of them is a West Pointer  (Gloria Angle Reed at left) and she is putting finishing touches on her pumpkin display which greets guests each year. Her garden is beyond description. You have to see it for yourself.  Even my photos don’t do it justice. Continue reading