Got everything done, died anyway.

to-doIt came to me suddenly. I have begun taking my daily “to do” list to the extreme.

You know you’ve crossed the line when the number one item on your ‘to do’ list is “do the ‘to do’ list.” That way I can accomplish one thing, even it’s only the making of the list.

The second warning sign is when you do something on a whim and go back and add it to the list just so you can check it off. I do both of these things on a regular basis and now I learn that such behavior may be an early sign of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

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What’s for dinner?

zucchiniSince I became a vegetarian I am always looking for new ways to prepare my vegetables.

I stumbled on this one yesterday.  I’ve been making pizzas using lengthwise cut eggplant slices but all I had in the fridge was zucchini.  I was really craving a pizza and cannot find whole wheat pizza crusts in this town.

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Just call all me Dr. Feel Gooder

waje up

This is dedicated to all my friends out there who find themselves on the wrong side of age 50.  We all get there eventually – if we’re lucky.  Along with it comes the inevitable arthritic pain, (the result of inflammation cause by too many Dunkin Donuts), dangerously high blood pressure, off the chart cholesterol, diabetes, fibromyalgia and even cancer.

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