Growing older without freaking out!

walking home

I had the opportunity last week to participate in an international summit on “Aging Consciously”.

All I can say is “WOW” I’m so glad and grateful to be whatever age I am or get to be.  Aging is a privilege you know denied to many, and we have a responsibility to address the positive potential of aging.  This requires a certain amount creativity. Continue reading

Leaping lizards – It’s Leap Day!!


Being a weirdo who loves metaphors, alliterations, and hyperboles, today is a dream day.  It’s like New Years and your birthday all rolled into one in terms of reassessing life’s dreams and renewing dedication to reaching them.

Today is Leap Day and tomorrow is March 1.  (Leap up and march forward, get it?) This is kind of a bonus day we get for free.  Nothing we do today can in any way be charged to our national debt.  Let’s take advantage of it because we won’t get another until 2020.  Let that sink in without throwing up. Continue reading

Rethinking my New Year’s resolutions

hows it going

I must have slept through February because I glanced at my calendar this morning and was horrified to discover it is almost March! Did we have February this year?

The natural progression of that line of thought was to review progress on my Big 3 New Year’s resolutions. I read that four out of five people will abandon their ambitious resolutions by mid-February. In fact, a third won’t even make it to the end of January. I was feeling all smug and self-satisfied because I’m pretty sure I kept mine…for a full 3-1/2 days. Continue reading

Here come da judge!


I can’t believe she would do that!  Look what she’s’ wearing – what was she thinking??  Euoo, look at that piece of junk she’s driving. (Someone actually said that to my face which made me decide to drive my piece of junk for another 16 years!)  She’s such an overbearing person,and I’m a bore. Ugg, my hair looks hideous today.  I am ugly. I drive an old car.  I should die.

Oh my gosh.  Does it never end?  This ceaseless judgement we cast on ourselves as well as others is sickening especially in an election year when the politicians and world leaders become the megaphone for the diety. Trust me – none  of us are safe from the judgmental scrutiny of ourselves and others.
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Jones: Party of one


In only hours 2015 will be but a memory and a brand New Year will be launched.

Tonight I’ll be avoiding all people, parties and primping – opting instead I’ll bundle up in my sweats with two dogs and a cat in front of the fire.  We will be watching a delicious new Netflix series entitled “Harper’s Island.”

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