Thanksgiving: Is it lost in holiday shuffle?


I spent the week taking down the ghosts and goblins and putting up the Thanksgiving pilgrim and Indian decorations (can I still say “Indian?”). Meanwhile television advertising began promoting Christmas cheer while I mentally began making my gift shopping list.

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Mad and can’t find a place to put my anger

food mattersI hope this doesn’t come across as negative as it sounds, but frankly, I’m peeved.  I’m disgusted with most of the medical community, with pharmaceutical companies, at the blasted “guvment”  and most of all with myself for being so ignorant and undisciplined.

On second thought I hope it does come across as negative.  Otherwise it probably  would just sound like another newly converted vegetarian who has become completely brain-washed by the hard to hear voices of the enlightened nutritionists who can’t get anyone to listen.


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