Doll up for a Wal-Mart trip? NOT!

don't get dresed up

I wish Wal-Mart would assign their customers a number based on age and gender, and allow shoppers to visit only during their appropriate time slots.

Yesterday I was in the middle of house cleaning – I’ve declared the first Wednesday of every month “House Keeping Day” at the Jones abode.  I don’t get dressed, don’t leave the house and certainly don’t put on make-up.  What’s the point?

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Another exciting afternoon at the Doggy Park

rebel & Sally

“You take her around the outside and I’ll run inside and we’ll score on those pesky humans.” A tense situation but Rebel and Sally  have a plan.


One of the many things I love about my town is that we have a “Dog Park.” It’s a place to take your pup and let him/her run freely and socialize with other like-minded canines while you get to share pet stories. Since I haven’t been blessed with grandchildren yet, what else can I do? Continue reading

These are a few of my favorite things

ma-s birthday 009

So he didn’t sound like Julie Andrews but his tune was as big a hit.

My special friend Margaret Ann celebrated her 50 something birthday tonight (fifty-fifteen to be exact), and we escorted her into senior citizenship in high style. Our friend Bill Roberts toasted her with a special song he had arranged to the tune of the Sound of Music hit “These are a Few of My Favorite Things.” It went something like this…. Continue reading

I’m a glam-ma finally – now I want a party!

Harrells and granddogs 150

My son, Braddock, has gone to Grand Isle, Louisiana, to do some fishing. He left me for the first time with his nine month old Golden retriever pup, Sally. He’s never trusted me with her before.

Never mind that she’s the size of a grizzly bear and can knock me over like a feather.

This may be the closest I ever get to being a grandmother – or Glam-ma, which was the name I selected for myself for my future grandchildren. (The grandfather would have been grump-pa. Maybe that’s why he didn’t hang around.) Continue reading