The value of antiques



Today was a momentus day. My girls reached a milestones birthday,, led as always by Norma (lower right). From left Marie Portera, Judy Staggers, Mary Jo Hill, and Ruthie Weathers helped usher her into our new fairy land. Doesn’t she look fabulous?

It wasn’t one of those birthdays with a zero,but just barely not. Today we were still struttin’ a bit and whiffing a little celebratory wine.This made us think we were especially cute since none of us could see very well and we only had two pair of glasses between us. Continue reading

Burn baby burn


My very own little Mayberry is enjoying a flurry of Christmas parties and neighbors are exchanging lovely gifts of cookies and quick breads.  What’s a girl to do if she’s been fighting the middle age frump since she was 28 years old and getting through the rest of the month without monumental weight gain will be challenging?

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