Let’s talk dirty


After what seemed like an endless winter and a spring rain of Biblical proportions, I noticed my neighbors taking the first few tentative steps outdoors again. Could it be the world is still turning and things may get back to normal, whatever normal means these days?

I took one look at all the mildew and weeds, and had to fight the urge to play Punxsutawney Phil and go back to bed for a few weeks. But look! A butterfly fluttered by, proof that the cycle of life has indeed begun anew. But you know what that means. Spring cleaning time has returned.

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Drink your vegetables

imagesWell meaning friends and family members continue to disregard my decision to give up meat in order to have a fighting chance against cancer.  It’s been five months, and the thought of eating something with a face is downright repugnant to me. 

Well, I’m more determined than ever to continue my vegetarian program and I guess I’m imposing it on all my friends but no one has complained so far.

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Fun without me? I think so.

ultimate best marganitas and doug

I never dreamed the girls of West Point High School Class of 65 would have fun on the road without me.  Well, I just heard that they did today and I’m pretty ticked off.

We headed out on a road adventure last Thursday and were making new memories by the baskets full when I was distracted by one of those Louisiana guys.  In the meantime, they picked up a guy from Ocean Springs who  turned out to be my first cousin. Small world, isn’t it?

Above:Norma, Marie, LC, Beth and Hazel are pictured with Doug McCall, who was signing his new book at an Arts Festival on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.)

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