Regrow your groceries–for free!

onnionFrustrated by the Winter from Hell? 

Me too, so I am trying to satisfy my inner farmer who is dying to get outside and plant something.

If you are having a similar problem, I have the answer.  Simply go through your vegetable drawer and pull out a few items destined for the compost pile.  Through a little magic, you can regrow them into fresh vegetables.   No joke, you can grow a garden without planting a single seed.

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Had a yoga mat for lunch lately?


Scuse me. While nibbling on my yoga mat for lunch, something went down the wrong way. It’s my latest diet strategy. Eat only the inedible and you’re bound to lose weight.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard a TV anchor man announce that several national chain restaurants would begin removing a substance from their breads – the very same one that is a building block of yoga mats and rubber boots. I haven’t been so distressed since my daddy told me that hot dogs contained ground horse’s hooves. That may have contributed to my decision to go meatless later in life, but that’s a story for another day.

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