Cure for curmudgeons

As I continue waging the battle against aging, the thing I fear most is becoming a crotchety old curmudgeon who likes nothing and tells everyone he or she knows about all their dark views. Yes, women can become curmudgeons too and there is some evidence it is showing up in my daily interactions.
To wit: I toured a beautiful home in Tennessee recently which was picture perfect. Truly. We hadn’t gotten out the door good when we began listing all the tackiness we could spot.  “Could you believe they had an ashtray in the coffee table – An ashtray for Pete’s sake!” 

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Santa arrived in Fed Ex truck this year

I’m guessing Rudolph got sick of being the butt of all the reindeer jokes and decided to sleep through Christmas this year.  My gifts all came early in a gas powered vehicle.  My family and I have already cleared the gift giving portion of Christmas due to work schedules.

I’m wee bit ashamed to tell you we elected to open the brown boxes instead of re-wrapping all the stash.  We figured it saved on the expense of gift wrapping paper and scotch tape, and there was the added surprise in opening the gifts without a clue as to whom they belonged.  Continue reading