Fun without me? I think so.

ultimate best marganitas and doug

I never dreamed the girls of West Point High School Class of 65 would have fun on the road without me.  Well, I just heard that they did today and I’m pretty ticked off.

We headed out on a road adventure last Thursday and were making new memories by the baskets full when I was distracted by one of those Louisiana guys.  In the meantime, they picked up a guy from Ocean Springs who  turned out to be my first cousin. Small world, isn’t it?

Above:Norma, Marie, LC, Beth and Hazel are pictured with Doug McCall, who was signing his new book at an Arts Festival on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.)

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Regrow your groceries–for free!

onnionFrustrated by the Winter from Hell? 

Me too, so I am trying to satisfy my inner farmer who is dying to get outside and plant something.

If you are having a similar problem, I have the answer.  Simply go through your vegetable drawer and pull out a few items destined for the compost pile.  Through a little magic, you can regrow them into fresh vegetables.   No joke, you can grow a garden without planting a single seed.

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