Wandering around in the wonder years


wonderTo paraphrase that 17th century philosopher Rene Descartes — I wonder, therefore I am.

I’ve been wondering a lot lately. Seems like yesterday I was wondering what to wear to the prom.  Today I’m wondering where my Medicare card got off to. I’m wondering where my glasses went and why I’ve started walking funny when I get out of the car.  I’m also wondering if my retirement fund will last as long as I do, and worst of all, I wonder who that old woman is looking back at me from the mirror.  

Lordy, I must be Wonder Woman!

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The book without a title

blanI’m a bit distracted because I’m watching the last episode of “The Sopranos”.  If I hear the “F” word one more time or see anyone else’s finger cut off  with a meat cleaver,  I must discontinue television.

The good thing is, I signed a contract today for a book deal.  The book doesn’t have a title because my editor hasn’t figured out who we are trying to reach.

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The essence of puttering


I’ve always operated under the assumption that puttering about with no real mission is a waste of time bordering on sinfulness (idleness and all that).  Now I discover that puttering may be the gateway to creativity and may even be very good for our health.

So, today I’m puttering and proud of it. I feel better already just thinking of a day of puttering without pressure or anxiety.

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