Not your Granny’s Xmas


Childhood memories often lure me into a disappearing world of culinary and sensory delights. Those were the days of anticipation which made you drool when you heard the rotary mixer hit the side of the glass bowl, the popping of grease from frying chicken, or the smell of a fresh-baked pie.  

These days I just buy a candle called apple pie spice and plop a bucket of KFC on the table beside bottles of designer water.  Those culinary and olfactory pleasantries of yesteryear are likely to cause a panic attack among the self declared food police

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Losing a best friend

Florida 2010 010Losing a friend is never easy but losing a best friend is devastating.

My longtime friend and companion, Jackie Vaughan,(pictured with other best friends Margaret Ann and Barry Wood at left),  died yesterday at his home in Starkville. We were actually talking on the telephone at the time.

When I heard the phone hit the floor with a thud, instinctively I knew.  I just knew.

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Someday. Isn’t that a day of the week?

more someday

As the year 2014 draws down to a precious few, I’m struck by how many of my high minded goals for the year have not been reached – or in some cases, even attempted.

Let’s see, that gives me about two weeks to lose ten pounds, paint the house and go back to the university to get a degree in horticulture. I’m pretty sure those aren’t doable objectives before New Year’s. Feeling like an utter failure I sat down to strategize about the positive steps I CAN take to salvage this year – no small task for someone who starts her to-do list each day with a reminder to do the to-do list.

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