Aging fearlessly (most of the time)

Emily Jones cover

If you’re a baby boomer, chances are you’re beginning to feel the not so subtle signs of aging.  If so, you’re in good company.

It is estimated that every eight seconds, someone in America celebrates their sixty-fifth birthday.  We have more senior citizens in America today than we’ve had at any point in history – somewhere around 75 million I’m told. 

Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but “old” doesn’t look the way it once did.  Take a look at Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren, Christie Brinkley and try to label them with the word “elderly”.. You can’t do it. 

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Lost in thought

search party

I was driving home from West Point last night when suddenly I didn’t know where I was.  Had I turned off off Highway 45 onto 82 or not?

I’d been wandering around the wilderness of random thoughts which often happens when I’m on a road I know like the back of my hand.  I’d been paying attention to everything but the road – wondering what I had in the fridge, whether my son had made it home to Nashville yet, should I trade vehicles or have a luncheon for Brenda’s birthday?  Did I need new tires yet and what should I do about that giant raccoon someone spotted coming out of my chimney?

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Looking for a good murder mystery?

michaelHave I got one for you! And best of all the author is a well loved professor at Mississippi State University whose classes are so popular, it’s difficult to enroll in one.

The co-director of MSU’s creative writing program, Michael Kardos has three books to his credit, but my book club is certain the latest – “Before He Finds Her” – will be the novel that propels him into the realm of a John Grisham or Jeffrey Deaver.

Michael grew up on the Jersey Shore and received a degree in music from Princeton University, and played the drums professionally

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