My year as a French woman – ooh la la

Today I was reborn as a French Woman which means I am a bit disheveled and pouty. But that’s to be expected of a former Mississippi girl come French woman.
It’s still the wee hours of 2017 and I’m eating Nutella from the jar while wearing bluish red lipstick.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.

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Santa arrived in Fed Ex truck this year

I’m guessing Rudolph got sick of being the butt of all the reindeer jokes and decided to sleep through Christmas this year.  My gifts all came early in a gas powered vehicle.  My family and I have already cleared the gift giving portion of Christmas due to work schedules.

I’m wee bit ashamed to tell you we elected to open the brown boxes instead of re-wrapping all the stash.  We figured it saved on the expense of gift wrapping paper and scotch tape, and there was the added surprise in opening the gifts without a clue as to whom they belonged.  Continue reading

Celebrating a life well lived


Yesterday was spectacular… MSU vs. Bama game notwithstanding!  It was picture perfect because my community celebrated the life of a man who had a hugely positive impact on the quality of the lives of all who knew him.  It was practically an all day affair.

Bill Poe of Starkville, Mississippi died October 14 just five days after celebrating his eightieth birthday.  As you can see he looked more like 15 on October 9 when we toasted his milestone birthday,  Five days later he was gone and several of us suspected he knew his time on earth was drawing to a close.  He suffered from complications of diabetes but still worked out regularly at the “Hellness” center as he liked to call his gym. Continue reading

Hush Yo Mouth, I’m the South


The world has officially fallen off its axis. I’m convinced of it.  That, or we’ve slipped through one of those black holes and everyone is having a hard time regaining equilibrium.

I didn’t discover this latest disaster until early the wee hours this morning. Sleepless and bored, I tuned the TV to a program taped by the Mississippi wildlife organization.  I have zero interest in hunting and fishing but what caught my attention was the intriguing lead-in. Continue reading