Caught in a storm and calm as a cucumber

war and peace

This morning I took a break from weeding my garden to have a cup of green tea. I heard that would make you lose weight – I have only four pounds to go and I was trying to distract myself from that pound cake in my freezer.

Around 2 p.m. I collapsed in my big chair and punched on the television to see what the networks were up to. I watched in horror as the left and right wing media attacked each other as if each were the devil incarnate. It made me slightly nauseous. Normally I would be shouting and taking sides. But not today. Do you know why?

I’m reading a little book called “The Shack.” William P. Young has penned a work of fiction that has captured my imagination and given me a new view of life. I don’t want to give away the secret, but if you are looking for some spiritual renewal and desire a more peaceful existence, I recommend it.

One thought on “Caught in a storm and calm as a cucumber

  1. I lost 15 lbs in ten days, so I got no complaints. You cannot go back to all your old toxic ways, however (but I enjoy some of my toxins, so limiting more than avoiding is my key). Although, I can’t see doing this more than once a year. But, heck, it works!

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