Celebrate the day – every day!


I love to watch old reruns of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”  One of the most endearing and exasperating characters is Marie, the domestic goddess who birthed Raymond and continues to run his life.

marie One of Marie’s habits is to leave the plastic covers on her sofa which drives her family crazy.  Sick of their goading, one day she rips the cover off and suddenly no one wants to sit on the couch – ever again!

I’m wondering how many of us live our lives like Marie – trying to save things for special occasions as if everyday isn’t special enough to warrant the use of the nice things hanging in our closets or languishing in our drawers. 

I once purchased a fabulous cocktail dress which I found on sale during a season of the year when no one holds cocktail parties.  I saved it, and saved it until before I knew what was happening I had put on several pounds and couldn’t get into it. 

I wonder how our days would go if we go ahead and wear our finest and eat off the good china on a daily basis.  We might send ourselves a message that we are special and every day we are alive is cause of celebration.

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  1. Speaking of tv shows, how long ya think Tom Delay will be able to stay on Dancing with the Stars? Any guesses?


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