Celebrating another year

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My high school friends are getting older and each birthday is cause to celebrate.  This week we celebrated four more entries into the ripe old age of  50-14.

(Pictured above are classmates Linda Barton, Carolyn Blair, Norma Clark, Wilma Hooker (our older susta), Marie Portera and Beth Hooker.  Ruthie and I sneaked off to meet some guys…somethings never change.)

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Marie, Beth, Ruthie and Carolyn all celebrate this month – joining us oldies who already made the turn.  It was getting lonely up here for the rest of us “Class of 65ers.”

A highlight of the party was Marie’s gift.  We all got a copy of the “Rehab Cookbook” which seemed a little offensive at first until we learned it was produced by the State Department of Rehabilitation.  Thus the name.

I read the entire book this a.m. and it’s one of the best cookbooks I’ve seen anywhere!

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