Celebrating Singles Day


As Valentine’s Day approaches, some single folks would like to point out that they’re quite content in their “single-ness.”

Today is officially “Satisfied Staying Single Day”. So, live it up singles.   Personally, I think it should be Satisfied Being Single Day, which would remove some of the permanence of the actual title. But I didn’t invent it, so whatever.


singles_against_valentines_day_shirt_long_sleeve-p235012618454517141qiak_400 Don’t ask me who came up with this ‘holiday’. It hasn’t been ratified by Congress, but they’re snowed in anyway. 

Since becoming single again, I have learned there are both pros and cons of this state of singleness which is  considered unnatural by some.  For one, I have to take out the garbage every day of my life and if a bug shows up, I don’t have anyone to come running while I’m screaming my head off.

On the plus side, I have the satisfaction of doing what I want, when I want and how I want.  I don’t have to watch the golf channel or make turnip greens ever again. (Yes, I’m a Southerner who detests those bitter and disgusting looking stringy things, but maybe I just never learned to cook them properly.) 

Yet, it is a tightrope walk to keep from becoming extremely selfish and set in our ways. 

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