Chatting with Martha


Yes, I was a guest on Martha Stewart’s radio show last week.  I was driving along listening to her guest talking about how to make water more tasty. I got a wild hair and decided to call in.

I’ve been trying to drink more green tea which I really don’t care for, so I asked the expert how I might spice up my green tea water which I make every morning.  (Two cups of green tea in a gallon of water with some crushed mint leaves – I try to drink it before the day is over.)

He had a wonderful suggestion.  “Try tossing a mango in your blender and add it to your green tea water.”  Sounded interesting and I’ll get to it one day soon. Maybe.

My whole point in bringing up the topic (other than letting you know Martha and I are on a first name basis) is that I just had oral surgery last week and it was horrific. I’m walking around with eight stitches in my mouth and a jaw the size of Alabama.

Now I discover that green tea might be the best thing you can do if you’re one of the unlucky souls with gum disease. This is according to Oprah’s Dr. Oz.

In a study, the more green tea men drank, the better their gums fared during dental exams.  Hey wait!  What about women? Notice how they always do studies on men first.

You know that part of the dental exam when your dentist pokes and prods your gums to see how healthy they are? The study showed not only did frequent green tea drinkers have better results during the exam, but also their gums bled less.

Researchers think it’s the catechins in green tea that somehow prevent cavity-producing plaque from forming, which in turn protects teeth and gums. Catechins may also help reduce gum inflammation.

I’m in, baby.  Nothing but green tea from now on.  I don’t EVER want to have that surgery again. I’m wondering if I couldn’t develop a green tea and mint mouth wash.  Anyone want to invest?  We can make a bundle.

The funny thing is the show was rebroadcast today and I happened to catch it on my way home from church.  I heard her say “Tom, we have Emily from Mississippi on the line asking about green tea and water. Welcome to the show Emily, ” she said.

This icky syrupy voice came on and said “Hi, hi yawl doin’.”  Oh my gosh, I sounded like Paula Deen on steroids.  I couldn’t bare to hear the rest. I needed a green tea with pure grain alcohol to get over that.

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