Cheap tricks even I wouldn’t try

reusing foil

I’m in recovery from a bad case of AF-LUENZA, so I’ve been training myself to become a little, well, say it – cheap! Not in the moral sense, mind you.  Just in the money saving mode.

I heard a great way to save money is to reuse aluminum foil, but you’d better spring for the heavy duty kind. After most uses, you’re able wash and dry it and reuse it two or three times. Certainly this doesn’t work when it’s been used to line a roasting pan to catch greasy drippings. I guess in that case you should run it through the dish washer.

This still seems a little “desperate” even for me…

depends Here’s an intriguing tip – when potting your hanging baskets, put a new Depends (cut to fit the size of the bottom of the pot) in the bottom and it will help hold the moisture in your plants. When you cut them down to size, you’ll have enough for two large pots or three smaller ones.

I’d be willing to try this except I’d be too embarrassed to have a box of Depends in my grocery cart for the world to see. Would Pampers work as well, I wonder?

Stop using make-up and expensive creams and hair projects. Pop quiz: how much do your looks cost? Take a quick inventory of your beauty expenditure starting with your hairdressing, makeup and skin care outlay – probably somewhere around $300.  Go au naturelle and save a bundle.  (Not on your life!)

BadHairDaywoman_Full But here’s a cheap trick I once tried in college…the  mayonnaise hair repair treatment. I seem to recall it worked great, but I had on on-going craving for bacon and tomato to go with it.

All you do is wet your hair and slather it with mayo from the fridge. Use as much as your hair will hold, but no more than a medium size jar. Wrap your hair in a plastic bag like you get at the grocery store and go take a nap.  It needs to stay on at least 15 minutes, but no more than an hour.  Rinse and shampoo twice – proceed with your usual routine. No more bad hair days.

For you guys, try a raw egg massage for thinning hair.   Beat one egg and massage it into the scalp.  Let it set for 15 minutes – you’d best stay out of the sun or you’ll have scrambled eggs in your hair. Shampoo as usual and you hair will look thicker, shinier and soft.  I’m thinking of trying the egg AND the mayo treatment.

I have a quiche in the freezer. Wonder if that would work as well.  A quiche hair treatment has all the ingredients and sounds more “cosmopolitan.”

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